Saturday, October 22, 2011

"In-World" coming in November

Roles 4 Women Theatre Company - in collaboration with the Black Bag Media Collective are preparing for our first production of the season - "In-World" by Liz Solo, directed by Charlie Tomlinson premieres at the end of November at the LSPU Hall Second Space.

A stand up comedienne has given up “the life” and taken to gaming full time. She now lives alone with her puppets and spends her days reliving old comedy routines and levelling her Frost Mage. Merging large-scale projection with live action, video and sound, In-World is a multi-dimensional exploration of online media culture.

Starring Liz Solo and featuring online appearances by The Third Faction, members of Odyssey and The Second Front and puppet appearances by Newf the Baby Harp Seal and Pinky the Bra. Stay tuned for details coming soon.

Publicity photo of Liz Solo and Newf, the baby Harp Seal by Rhonda Pelley

Liz Solo wins Newfoundland Joy Award

Roles 4 Women would like to congratulate co-artistic director Liz Solo for winning this years Newfoundland Joy Award at the Atlantic Film Festival. The prize provides support towards the production of Liz Solo's multi-media project "the machine".

"'the machine' represents a new generation of media arts production and makes use of extremely current creative techniques like machinima, which have grown out of contemporary virtual art movements" - the Linda Joy Media Arts Society said in a release. Read more about it on the Linda Joy Website.

The project goes into production early in 2012.
photo from the virtual set of "the machine" by Fau Ferdinand